Expert wood workers are not individuals we encounter every day.

Shaun Fleming has made her own way, spending hours and days and years honing the physical requirements and mental discipline demanded to be a premier artist in her craft.

Prized by discerning collectors throughout the world, Shaun's pieces contain an organic strength and careful balance between the durable and the ephemeral. They are sturdy and built to greet generations to come, yet embued with the impermanent grace of flowers, wings and butterflies.

These images are the result of a delicate and precise application of Marquetry inlay, which often decorates Shaun's pieces. Depictions of native Hawi'ian birds, flowers and sea life add a distinct embellishment with the use of exotic woods such as koa, mango, wenge, walnut and mahogany.

Born and raised in Hawai'i and a surfer all her life, her work reflects a bravery and precision that might be expected of one who would ride the ocean's waves.

Shaun is featured in:

500 Cabinets (2010), 500 Tables (2009) and Contemporary Hawai'i Woodworkers (2009).

Artist by Invitation, "Finding the Forest" (Schaefer International Gallery, 2009)

Artist by Invitation, "Roots of Inspiration" (Schaefer International Gallery, 2012).

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